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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Designs & Ideas for My Work Room Step 1

 I Love Pintrest!

A few months ago we relocated from Kentucky to Florida. The move was prompted by my husband receiving a promotion located in Tampa, Florida. He came down for a week prior to moving, to "get some things done," one of which was to find us a place to live. His promotion (and subsequent raise) would allow me to stay at home with our one-year-old son and finally start my art business, so the residence had to have space for all my stuff. He found a wonderful house with a small but awkward formal dining room which was more a pass-thru from the front door to the laundry room than a dining room. It was perfect for my work room! I had a few pieces of furniture and large containers to put in it, but would need more when my mother would give me all of her stamping supplies. Not to mention a work surface.

I needed a plan. The space was awkward, like I said. No doors, a fairly small floor to ceiling window on an angled wall and a really weird inset on one wall. Not to mention the fact that our freezer would have to stay in there as there were no outlets in the garage besides the one for the sprinkler system. Who builds a garage without outlets?!?

But I love a challenge. And building my ideal work room was something I had always wanted to do. Enter Pintrest. But first, the wish list. I knew I wanted a work table, not just a desk or board against a wall and would need A LOT of storage, and nothing could be permanently attached to the floor or walls as we were renting. 

Here's what I found:


And this is what I came up with:

I had a great visit from my mom a while back. Thank you for all your help! We were able to get the "bones"of my workroom set up with:
  • 2 Martha Stewart 9 bin shelving units
  • 1 3' x 4' board
  • 8 Martha Stewart cloth bins in green
  • 1 6-shelf metal shelving unit
  • 2 4-shelf metal shelving units
So, I found my work table. Next, organization ideas...

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