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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Designs & Ideas for My Work Room Step 2

Dollar General Haul:
6 Sterilite Sweater Boxes $ 3.65 ea
10 Sterilite Shoe Boxes $1.00 ea

I already had:
2 4-drawer towers
5 large clear bins (no brand from Costco)
5 Sterilite small drawers
6 metal desktop pen holders
3 sets of snap-together boxes
a bunch of miscellaneous single plastic drawers & desktop drawer sets
more plastic baskets than I know what to do with
and more repurposed containers than I know what to do with

This is what I am working with now:


The large shelf is mostly filled with random containers and whatnot as I am waiting for all the supplies from my mom and have nothing else to put there.

I also seem to change something around every time I work. Move the location of something, transfer something from a bin to a drawer, combine two small bins into one large one... I'm sure you know the drill...

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