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Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Madori-Style FauxBonichi -The Cover

I was going through my Pintrist boards as I noticed I had several pertaining to DIY planners, book making, and other very similar topics, so I took the time to combine them all into one MASSIVE Inspirational board. As you have to select each and every pin you want to move, I had the opportunity to revisit many of the pins I had long since forgotten about. This was one of them:

I think I will use this as my cover. I found some solid spongy drawer liner I was using as a work surface modifier which didn't make it into my new work room. I plan on using that as the cover of my "FauxDori" and will attempt to over it with the jean material. Now, I know I snagged a pair of jeans from my husband before he through them away, but where could they be...

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