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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Artist's ADD... Ooo! Squirrel!

Ahh... So many art forms, so little time...

So, many, many years ago, I started out beading. I got really into it and everyone around me supported my love and talent by buying beads, and gift cards to big box craft stores, and giving me old costume jewelry, and... you get the idea. 

Then I met my (now) husband. When his contracted ended and he took a position 2300 miles away, I decided to follow love and made the trek with him. When we first arrived, (we moved back to his home state) we lived with his parents and moved all of our belongings into storage, including my now fairly massive collection of beading supplies. I didn't have a job and had all day to myself. I desperately needed something to do. 

So I taught myself how to crochet thinking, "Oh, this will be great to add to my skills as I can make beaded crochet pieces once I get my beads back. Ah, yeah, NO. All I did was teach myself how to crochet...

Fast forward several years and this time my husband took a position (a promotion) which moved us another 900 miles away from my home town but allowing me to be a stay at home mom and work on (finally) starting my jewelry business. And what do I do? Nothing. I have no desire to even OPEN my drawers of beads to make anything.

I decide I needed some inspiration. Enter YouTube. YouTube is like crack. Once you're hooked, there's nothing stopping you. And what did I start watching? Tutorials on beading? Creative ways to crochet? No. I found the world of art journalling and book altering and making. Yet. Another. Art.

Oh, I'm in trouble...

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